Welcome to the all new MGAGB Musketeers!

We look forward to a new season but while everyone looks to plan teams, I would like to remind the following points-

1. Musketeers are for children who are very novice and are likely to need assistance from another person in a race to be able to complete the race, regardless of how long that takes.

2. NO RIDERS that have ever competed in any form of U12 competition are to be included in this section. It is to allow children the chance to move onwards to U12 as soon as possible.

3. Parents/guardians who are leading ponies are there to support their rider to learn and progress in races. Not in any way to regard winning that race as more important than the rider to learn how to correctly complete it independently.

4. The U12 section of MGAGB will be of mixed capabilities this year and riders new to this section will be fully supported to aid with the jump between categories. There will also be entertainment for those riders in the U12 category announced shortly. The aim is for riders to feel proud to progress in to the competition of U12.

5. This section is never to be used for riders in U12 or above to try new ponies out.

We will be flexible as the season continues as to progressing between categories and if any concerns please email me on jodie@mgagb.co.uk

Thanking you all and looking forward to lots of fun ahead!