I am pleased to let all our members know that this year we will be using the scoring system devised by Mats Hensel. This was used at some of the IMGA competitions in 2018 and is very easy to use.  It is also easy for everyone to keep a check on the scores.
We will be using it at the Spring Championships and I am looking for volunteers as follows:
1.  Volunteers who would be willing to input the scores in the heats and finals.  This is just a matter of typing the scores in for each race, in the same way as you do on a handwritten scoresheet and on the Excel spreadsheets last year.
2. Volunteers who would like to be slightly more involved and work out how to swap teams into another heat, print off results to go on the commentary box window and any other slightly more technical issues.
For Spring Championships we will particularly need members from the North of England as this region is responsible for running the show.
Please email me if you would like me to tell you more.  You can see the Scoreboard at https://www.mg-scoreboard.de.
I hope that many of you will be able to help as you will find it easy and enjoyable.  If I don’t get any volunteers we will not have live scores at GB competitions, and I know you all like to have this option.
I look forward to hearing from many of you – please email rosie@mgagb.co.uk