At their meeting on Sunday 3rd March 2019, the MGAGB General Committee unanimously agreed the following ruling which comes into force immediately:


All ponies competing at the World Individual Championships and World Pairs Championships must follow the FEI ruling on vaccinations against equine influenza as follows:

All ponies/horses that intend to compete competitions must have received at least an initial primary course of two vaccinations, the second dose of which must have been given between 21 and 92 days after the date of administration of the first dose. Thereafter, a third dose (referred to as the first booster) must be given within 6 months +21 days after the date of administration of the second primary dose, with at least annual boosters given subsequently (i.e. within 365 days of the last dose).

However, it is advised that some showgrounds may require 6 monthly boosters:


The last booster must have been given within 6 calendar months + 21 days of the day of competition or of entry to the FEI stables, whichever is the sooner. (The 21-day window has been provided to enable vaccination requirements to fit in with the competition schedule). Horses competing regularly consequently require twice yearly boosters.

It is also important that no vaccination should have been given within 7 days of the day of competition or of entry to the showground, whichever is the sooner.

2.  All horses that were certified as correctly vaccinated under the previous FEI equine influenza vaccination rule prior to 1st January 2005, should not need to start a primary course again provided that they have complied with the previous rule of primary course and annual re-vaccinations and the new rule of a booster vaccination within 6 calendar months + 21 days of the day of competition.


3.  Checks will be done on the gate at both competitions and spot checks will be taken at all other competitions.  Any pony found to be unvaccinated or have an incorrect vaccination schedule will have to leave the showground immediately.  Any pony without a passport will also have to leave the showground.


4.  In order for riders to check that their vaccinations are correct, there is an excellent free app called EquiBioSafe. You can also check vaccinations on the following website –

If you have any queries please contact Lea Edwards –