The General Committee have debated long and hard over the last few days whether we should run a competition next weekend and what format that show should take.


The overwhelming decision was that we should run the show. Leicester is a fantastic venue. Safety was of course the first consideration and inspection of the ground reassured us that the rings will be suitable for the competition. Jodie and Mary have worked their socks off to re-arrange all the things that go into making a successful event and so we are confident that we can run a great show there


Deciding if it was to be a league show or not was a tougher one. We know that for a variety of reasons some riders simply cannot make that weekend. Northern Ireland have a particular problem as its their trial weekend. The Republic of Ireland have today been forced to postpone their trial so that was one less issue to take into account.


You will also all need to be aware that the Spring Champs has been one of the profitable shows in the year enabling us to subsidise other loss making shows. Losing that profit was a serious concern for us and it was quite clear that if the show was not a league show our entries would be so low that we could not run at all let alone make a profit.


We have seen the results of the riders’ poll and see that a majority of you would favour a friendly show but for the reasons set out above we did not believe that was an option


So, having weighed the pros and cons the General Committee have decided that the show next weekend will be a league show.


This show will not be used to set the two Open Leagues. They will run as one group in NI also. We have also agreed that any team will be allowed to field one guest rider without incurring a penalty.


Those Open teams who cannot take part for a genuine reason will have points awarded based on their placing at the NI Champs. For other age groups it will be based on their scores at UK Masters.


We realise that this decision will not please all our members. The Committee however have reached it after careful thought and genuinely in what they believe is the best interests of the Association as a whole in mind.


Members should be aware that Mary and Rosie are offering to work next weekend FOC and with no mileage charges to help the Association.
We hope that as many as possible of you will come along and support us at Leicester. It’s going to be a fantastic fun weekend!!