Please see below a message from Jo Gubb, MGAGB Safeguarding Officer:

I have now posted 101 applications out.

I have only signed a handful of forms, had confirmation that the post office has signed 9 forms and 10 direct applications.  BHS have received 20 applications and are processing, and have had to send back 6 as they have errors.

With Spring Champs literally round the corner I am increasingly concerned that we will have rings full of teams and no trainers or referees.

It is essential that any forms be sent off by latest this week so they are back in time.

Any DBS certificates when received should be copied and sent across to Rosie Thornton by email only –

I am signing forms at Atherstone’s Games Comp this week at Solihull.

If you are having difficulty completing the forms please message me or email

It has been requested by the committee that all Trainers (including pairs and individuals), County Reps, Referees (starters) and committee members (including regional committee members) hold a valid DBS.  If you are a county rep you will not be permitted to continue to run the county without it.

A lanyard will be issued to all those who have provided their DBS certificates.

*****assistant refs do not need a DBS as they are under the supervision of the  Referee******