All county reps have the responsibility to ensure anyone training or going in the ring with teams hold a current valid DBS prior to them going in the ring with a team. Any trainer without a DBS will not be allowed to train.

Please ensure you send the names and contact details of all trainers to Sophie Morris for checking – 
If a trainer already has a DBS number please send the number to Sophie BEFORE they train.

Due to new requirements, a new database is required so ANYONE TRAINING with a current DBS certificate needs to bring them to the briefing at Spring Champs where the certificate number will be able to be recorded – between 8pm-10pm.  

We can also take any completed applications ready to send off and check the form and your I.D. at this time.

Forms for new checks will also be available, these can be filled in throughout the weekend, if you have your x2 forms of ID with you so they can be verified.

If you require a new form before Spring Champs, please contact Sophie.

What is suitable ID? Download all the ID information here – DBS Identification Documents

MGAGB DBS Checks Process and Database Policy

– All county reps have responsibility to ensure anyone training or going in the ring with teams hold a current valid DBS

– The county will need to pay for any DBS checks that need to be done for training teams in a voluntary capacity current cost is £10

– DBS checks held from another organisation are acceptable for MGA if within the 3year period but must be the enhanced check

– DBS checks must be renewed every 3years

– The original DBS cert needs to be sighted by The Safeguarding officer so it can be input onto the database

– Anyone believed to be training without a current DBS will be stopped from training until The Safeguarding officer has sighted the DBS cert

A list of trainers will be sent to The Safeguarding Officer by Rosie Thornton once all preliminary declaration forms are received.


Protocol for DBS certificates with content

If there is content the BHS DBS and Safeguarding team will automatically write to the individual, requesting the original certificate together with a statement or full explanation.

All DBS disclosure certificates with content will be dealt with confidentially by the DBS and Safeguarding Team. At least two officers will consider each case individually with the option to consult the BEF Safeguarding Advisory Board.

The content on the certificate will be reviewed in light of the following issues:

What are the offences listed?

When did they occur?

Is the offence in relation to a child?

Are there any restrictions placed upon the applicant in view of these offences?

Is there a pattern of offences?

What are the circumstances surrounding the offence?



Personal development is actively encouraged for our all trainers within the Association. Below is an exciting opportunity to attend a rider biomechanics course with expert Richard Mcguire.

Centaur Biomechanics uses state of the art technology to look at horse and rider interaction.
Russell has completed many research projects particularly looking at the influence different surfaces have on limb kinematics, the effect studs have on turning kinematics, and more recently Russell’s research has focused on the effect that girths, saddles and bridles have on the locomotion of the horse.