Assistant Referee – Tips

  • Always ensure both ends of the Start/Finish Line and the Changeover Lines are Covered – main focus on line faults, ensuring Changeover line is crossed.
  • Next cover the Centre Line, if there are 7 Assistant Referees, one should stand in the middle of the lanes at the top behind the Changeover line, main focus on watching for collisions. If there are 8, two people at equal distance across the top fence of the arena.
  • Keep your eyes moving throughout the game, focus on the equipment as it is played but also for the wider picture – don’t get stuck on one team!
  • Keep an eye on the equipment between races, has it been set up correctly? Is it all uniform so it is equal and fair to all teams?
  • You MUST be on your own when you Assistant Referee, only the ‘signed in’ Assistant Referees & Referees are permitted in the ring during a game. You must not be accompanied around the ring, or have any outside input into a decision – it must be entirely your own.
  • If you are unsure on a call – always flag it to the Referee and report what YOU have seen.
  • Communicate positively to the Referee, make note of the teams in the ring so you are sure who you are reporting
  • Riders must attempt to place equipment mounted, throwing equipment or dropping it in vicinity of a bin for example, is not a valid attempt.
  • You are not permitted to be on your mobile phone, or use a camera while in the ring when Assistant Refereeing.
  • As in Tennis, the line equals ‘in’ if equipment, or feet, are touching a line, it is classed as ‘in’ the field of play.
  • Only try to stop the game if a rider is injured or equipment is broken to a potentially dangerous level.
  • Riders should not influence you to stop a game, it is your decision on your training and knowledge.
  • If a team tampers, albeit accidentally, with another team’s equipment – flag to the Referee to stop the game and it will be re-run.
  • Assistant Referee intimidation in any way, by riders, trainers or supporters, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you feel in any way intimidated you should report this to the Referee immediately, or after the session you are Refereeing and it WILL be followed up accordingly. This also applies for any rider/pony safety concerns you may have throughout a session.

We advise all Assistant Referees to read copies of the IMGA and MGAGB rulebooks. We also advise all attend the Assistant Referee training courses that are held throughout the year. There will be a time where having a trained Assistant Referee will be mandatory for your team crew.