All ponies and riders will be checked by referees and IMGA Officials prior to the start of each IMGA competition in 2019 (European Championships, World Team Championships, World Individual Championships, World Pairs Championships and Nations Championships) to ensure that tack, dress and rider/pony combination conform to the Rules.
The referees will be looking to see that:
1. All bits conform to the current rules.
2. All bridles and nosebands conform to current rules.
3. All saddles conform to current rules and are clear of the pony’s spine.
4. All riding hats/helmets conform to current rules
5. Ponies and riders are of a suitable size for each other. If a pony is thought to be too small for its rider then the rider will be weighed (without boots or hat) and the pony’s weight determined by the measurement method detailed at Alternatively, a recent (less than two months) weight certificate signed and stamped by a licensed veterinary surgeon will be accepted. The referees are aware that some ponies may have lost weight whilst traveling so an allowance of 2kg in the rider’s weight will be accepted.
Bits, bridles, nosebands, saddles and hats must meet the standards listed in the IMGA Rule Book or any new standard approved by the FEI that meets, or exceeds these standards.
Guidance on hats and acceptable tack is available on the IMGA website, links below.
Any questions please PM me.