This morning, after several discussions by telephone, I have received the email below from Ian Bebington at Shrewsbury.


I am sure you will all realise from the photos on the website –  that it would be impossible to compete there this weekend.


Rest assured that every effort is being made to try to find an alternative date and venue.


With regards to this weekend I think it will come of little surprise that we feel that the event this weekend needs to be cancelled.

We were grateful of you putting a note on your website, indicating a “Pitch Inspection” will be taken today.

I have forwarded you some pictures in an e mail below, you will see that our Showground is completely saturated in water, with lakes now having appeared in all your event rings. ( and lakes have appeared, where previously we haven’t had any issues)


Whilst we have not been flooded this winter (we have been close on a couple of occasions) there has however been a significant amount of rain over long periods of time, in fact this is the worst I have seen it in all my time here prior to one of your events.


I spent most of the weekend down here (With Fox) pulling people on and off the ground, but wanted to do a last walk around today and look at the forecast before making a final decision.


As per the  terms and conditions of Hire it states


Either party reserves the right to terminate the Hire Agreement if the facility is no longer available for its intended use through those details listed in 3.1.6 . In such circumstances the Deposit will be refunded.


I will arrange the deposit to be returned to you or if you prefer (and our preference)  is that the balance is set against the October event?


We are so sorry for this to happen, but obviously it is out of either of our control and as with you, feel the safety of horse and rider is paramount.