MGA(GB) Ltd Social Media Policy

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This Social Media Policy is part of the Members Code of Conduct and whenever using any form of social media (whether existing now or in the future) and participating in, submitting or responding to any internet postings members shall comply with this Policy. Any members in breach of this Policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Civil and/or criminal proceedings could also be brought against members for breach of this Policy where applicable.

Policy Scope

MGA(GB) Ltd recognises that the internet provides everyone with the ability to participate in interactive discussions and to share information on a wide variety of social media. This policy relates to the use of social media by MGA(GB) Ltd members in so far as such use relates to or affects MGA(GB) Ltd, its employees, members and volunteers.

In this policy, an MGA person, or people, means Staff, Committee, any Members of MGA(GB) Ltd (in all categories), Show Organisers and All other Volunteers. Social media means all forms of social media that exist now or may exist in the future, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr, MySpace, Pinterest, Google+ and all other social networking websites, all other internet posting sites, all blogs and wikis and all other internet forums.

Responsible use of Social Media

Every member must be respectful of MGA(GB) Ltd and they must;

  1. a) Be aware that publication of information and comment on social media carries the same obligations as any other kind of publication and should follow the same ethical and legal standards.
  2. b) Not post, share or otherwise submit on social media any statement, material, information or image which is; malicious, misleading, threatening, derogatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, disparaging, racist, discriminatory, menacing, inflammatory, blasphemous, intimidating or defamatory.
  3. c) Not post, share or otherwise submit comments about sensitive business-related topics, such as MGA(GB) Ltd’s performance, or do anything to jeopardise MGA(GB) Ltd’s confidential information and intellectual property.
  4. d) Not post, share or otherwise comment on social media statements, material, information or images concerning, or which could directly or indirectly damage the name, business interests or reputation of MGA(GB) Ltd or any MGA person.
  5. e) Not disclose on any social media, any personal information or images relating to any other MGA person that have been provided in confidence.
  6. f) Only post comments about an MGA person that are respectful and which the poster would say directly to that person.
  7. g) Show proper respect for the laws governing copyright and fair use of copyrighted material. MGA(GB) Ltd accepts no liability for legal breaches by MGA people on social media.
  8. h) Make it clear if disclosing their MGA membership status in any way on social media that they are speaking on their own behalf and that their views do not represent those of MGA(GB) Ltd.
  9. i) Not use social media in a way that breaches any other rules, codes and policies in the MGAGB Members’ Handbook.

MGA(GB) Ltd reserves the right to monitor, intercept and review, without further notice, social media postings and activities that include references to it and/or its members, to ensure that its rules and this Policy are being complied with and for legitimate purposes.

All members consent to such monitoring by through acceptance of their membership form.

MGA(GB) Ltd may remove posts, threads and any other form of submissions from its own platforms, including but not limited to Facebook/Twitter/Website, which are in breach of this Policy without explanation and the MGA person responsible could be liable for disciplinary action as outlined in the Members Code of Conduct.

MGA(GB) Ltd may require members to remove postings, comments or any other submissions made using social media that are deemed to be in breach of this Policy. Failure to comply with such a request may in itself result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Members Code of Conduct.

MGA(GB) Ltd will comply with any law or request by any governmental or other regulatory authority, or order by a court or other authority of competent jurisdiction, requiring MGA(GB) Ltd to disclose the identity or location of any Member posting any material in breach of this Policy. MGA(GB) Ltd may share an MGA person’s private information with the police or any other governmental authority if it is asked to do so in connection with the investigation of suspected illegal activities.

If you as a user identify potentially damaging content or content that is in breach of the Policy, please contact MGA(GB) Ltd Head Office, confidentially. If you have a personal grievance with someone on social media regarding the sport of Mounted Games, take it up with them directly, if this is unable to be resolved and involves MGA(GB) Ltd directly please contact a member of Head Office, contact details on the website