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 A dedicated, responsible, person should be assigned to each pony while at all MGAGB event sites. This person’s contact details should be attached to the pony while they are not in use, e.g. in a corral or stable. In a case of emergency; escape, fire, accident, illness, evacuation, the dedicated person can then be contacted to retrieve the pony.

Contact details should consist of a contact name and mobile telephone number. They should be waterproof and easily read.

The contacts can be attached to the pony in several ways. A suggestion which is very effective are sheep tags which clip onto the rugs.  The website is http://www.shearwell.co.uk/p/229/ . You will need to ring them to let the know what you want them for and they are very helpful.  You will need the applicator to attach the tags to the rugs.  They could also be plaited into manes or tails.

Some other attachment methods include; tags as previously mentioned, attached to rug straps, plaited into the pony’s mane/tail, attached to a sausage boot or similar around the fetlock. So long as the information is attached to the pony at all times when not ridden, any form is acceptable.

Any pony without an identification tag will incur a fixed penalty of £50 payable by the owner/rider.


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