All rules are as per the IMGA rule book (http://www.mounted-games.org/imga/games/rules/index.html) with the addition of the below:


GT1         Tack can be checked at any competition. Any rider found to be using tack that is ruled to be not conforming to the rules, unsafe, over severe or poorly fitting will be advised to correct any fault. Examples, of this include over tight nosebands and/or martingales.



Please see “Guidance on Permitted Tack

All tack should be fitted correctly to the pony, advice on this can be found on the website under training videos.

Badly fitting tack affects the performance level of your pony, not to mention causing them constant discomfort and pain that can lead to prolonged health issues.

T1.1        Tack must be used for the purpose it was designed.

T1.2        Saddles must be well fitted to the individual pony. The saddle should be three adult fingers clear of the pony’s withers and one adult finger clear of the spine at the back of the saddle when the rider is sitting on the pony.

T1.3        Numnahs should not be pressing on the pony’s withers or spine when the rider is sitting on the pony.

T1.4        Buckles on vaulting straps, Breastplate attachments to saddles, and other exposed buckles not on the pony’s head or girth, should be covered in tape to avoid the risk of injury to rider or pony.

T1.5        Force on the pony’s mouth must be equal to the force exerted by the rider,

no attachment may be used that allows a force on the mouth that is exerted by the pony not the rider.

T1.6        Side reins, Draw reins and Grass reins are not permitted, in the ring or any other time at MGA(GB) events.

T1.7        Daisy Reins are permitted in the Musketeers only. It is advised they are worn in conjunction with a crupper.

T1.8        Blinkers are not permitted. The use of sheepskin, or similar, on bridles should be intended for comfort only and must not extend further than 3cm from the horse’s face.



T2.1        Hats must meet at least one of the following standards:

– PAS 015 (1998 or 2011)

– VG1 01.040 (2014-12)

– ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards) (with SEI mark)

– SNELL E2001 (with SNELL label and number)

– AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards) (with SAI Global mark)

or any new standard approved by FEI that meets or exceeds those stated.

The EN1384 and BSEN1384 hat standards have been withdrawn and will be permitted only if accompanied by another standard stated above.

T2.2        All hats will be inspected by MGA(GB) and those approved as meeting these standards will be tagged so that they can be identified easily as meeting safety standards.

T2.3        A ‘tagged’ hat does not provide any guarantee of safety. All riders are strongly recommended to check their hats are correctly fitted and to replace them if they are damaged or have been worn in a fall.

T2.4        Riders are advised to check the wording of any insurance policy they may depend on in case of accident for any specific requirements regarding the wearing of hats.

T2.5        Any rider who is involved in a fall that results in a concussion will have the tag removed from their hat.

T2.6        Riders must wear hats, with the chinstrap fastened, at all times while mounted. Exceptions may be made for male riders during prizegiving where they may remove their hat while stationary. This is at the discretion of the Event Organiser.



T3.1        All members of a team must wear shirts or jumpers of the same colour and design and identical hat silks

T3.2        Team jumpers and shirts must display the county name and the MGA(GB) logo

T3.3        No jewellery may be worn, other than a wedding ring. If any jewellery cannot be removed for any reason it should be covered securely in tape.

T3.4        Long hair should be secured appropriately.

T3.5        Whips & Spurs of any kind are not permitted in the ring or elsewhere on at any MGA(GB) event.

T3.6        Riders should wear boots designed for riding.

T3.7        Damaged boots can be hazardous and should not be worn.

T3.8        Boots should be properly fastened and secure on the feet.

T3.9        Everyone is advised to wear safe and sensible footwear when near ponies.

T.3.10    All persons must have closed footwear when in the ring.



T4.1        Ponies should be of an appropriate size and ability for their rider.

T4.2        Ponies should be turned out to a high standard, clean, with no stable stains and have brushed out manes and tails. Plaits are not permitted.

T4.3        Weight rules are on the website under Weight Rules 2018

T4.4        Ponies must be fit and healthy to compete, see The Welfare of Ponies and Horses at MGAGB Events.

T4.5        Ponies should not be over or under weight. Ponies with a body condition score of 1 or below or of 5 (based on Carroll and Huntington method) should not participate in competitions

T4.6        There should be no sign of lameness and ponies should have no open wounds.

T4.7        Ponies suspected of being lame will be inspected by the Referee, their decision is final.