All Open teams will take part in the League system for the 2020 season at the following shows

At the General Committee Meeting on 3rd November 2019 it was unanimously agreed that the following shows would be National League shows for 2020:


 25th & 26th April          Spring Championships

2nd & 3rd May              Northern Ireland Championships

23rd to 25th May          UK Masters Championship

30th & 31st May           Scottish Championships

20th & 21st June           Southern Championships
27th & 28th June          Welsh Championships
28th to 31th August     Inter Counties

The top 14 Under 12 and Under 14 and the top 21 Under 17 and Open teams in the National League will be invited to compete at the Champions Final on 19th & 20th September – this show has a minimum £5,000 prize pot.

The Premiership/Championship League split will come into place based on the results of the 2020 Spring Championships. At this show, all teams will compete against each other. If a team does not compete in the Spring Championships, they will be placed in the Championship League at the first League show that they compete at.

All teams will receive an additional 25 points for attending a league competition. This will encourage greater participation for all league shows. For example if there are 50 teams, then the championship winners will receive 75 league points and the lowest placed team will receive 26 points.

There will always be three Heats in the Premiership – remaining teams will ride in the Championship League. These places are decided by the Overall League Points accumulated throughout the season from League Shows.

Promotion from Championship to Premiership will take place for the top three teams in the Championship A Final. In the event of 2 teams being tied for 4th place there must be a run off. These teams will automatically get a place in the Premiership at the next League Show, except for Intercounties, as this will be split on Overall League positions only. All other positions will be based on Overall League points.

Teams will receive -5 League points for any guest/temporary rider they use at any League Show. The Show Organiser must be informed prior to the event of any guest/temporary riders. If a team uses a guest/temporary rider but does not declare this, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

If a team has to pull out for a medical or veterinary reason mid-event meaning that they cannot field at least 4 rider and pony combinations, they score the lowest League points available in the League they are in.

Any team which does not provide an Assistant Referee or Arena Party for any heat which they are scheduled to officiate in will be deducted 5 points from their heat score.

Any team which does not provide an Assistant Referee or Arena Party for the Final which they are scheduled to officiate in will be deducted 5 League points from the show, they will not start a Final on -5 scoring points.