Starts at 7.30 pm on Saturday 15th May
Teams/individuals must register their interest in playing the quiz to Rosie either by email – or Messenger Rosie Thornton by 4pm on Saturday.
Teams require a sheet of paper numbered 1-25 – you can download one here:
or produce your own
Then go to Annie’s live video on MGA News at 7.30 pm on Saturday
“Just like your local pub quiz”
Questions will be read out:
1-10 inclusive
11-20 inclusive
21-25 inclusive
Any questions will be answered.
Teams then have one hour from the End of Quiz to send their answers to their allocated person on Messenger, which will be either: Jo Morris Annie Morris Rosie Thornton – see MGA news for links to their profiles.
The “live leaderboard” will start!!
In the event of a tie there will be a run-off question, the winning team will be the team that sends the 1st correct answer.