Sadly after years of service Dave Thompson has decided to retire form his role as Arena Manager and as you are aware we have already put out a call for volunteers to take over managing an equipment trailer but sadly nobody has come forward. As a result, the General Committee have had no alternative other that to advertise this as a paid role.


We are looking for people to house and maintain one or more trailers. They would have to load the equipment required for a show and tow the trailer to the venue on the evening before the show. Following the show they would take the trailer back to their base, clean and repair the equipment and reload the trailer ready for the next event. They would liaise with Mary regarding breakages and replacement of damaged equipment.


Payment per show would be £100 plus mileage. Where the show has been wet and muddy there will be a discretionary payment of £10 per hour for washing and cleaning.

In addition, we have had no volunteers for marking out the arenas. Again, we will therefore be making this a paid role. The marker out would be paid £50 for marking out a ring including putting in any safety line required but no mileage will be paid. If the ring also needs fencing and roping there will be an additional payment of £25 per ring. The person will need to be at the showground by lunchtime on the day before the show so that the commentary boxes can be sited appropriately.


All applications should be sent to Rosie Thornton by 10th January 2018.