I am delighted to announce that Davy Quinn has been appointed the Chief Referee for MGAGB.  I am sure all of you will know Davy and will join me in congratulating him.  The General Committee are looking forward to working with him.  I thought you might like to see an extract from his application for the role which sets out his approach to the role:


I have been refereeing nationally and internationally for a number of years now and qualified as an IMGA Accredited Referee in 2014.  A list of my international refereeing experience in the last few years, and planned for this year, is detailed below.  I have also refereed at almost every MGAGB show I have attended – but I have not attempted to list these!


My approach is to apply the rules consistently and to be as fair as possible to all riders. I fully support the training currently in place for both Assistant Referees and Referees and plan to continue to roll this out to ensure we have a sufficient number of qualified referees at all levels and at all competitions.  I also support the introduction of an assessment process to monitor the quality and consistency of refereeing at all HQ and point shows.


I also pledge to do my utmost to stamp out ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour’, ‘pony abuse’ and ‘cheating’, both on and off the field.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Alun Whitney for his work as Chief Referee over the past three seasons.  You will not realise how much work goes on behind the scenes in organising shows, running referee meetings and briefings, selecting races and making the rotas up and then organising and delivering training.  The Association is most grateful to him for his hard work.

With kind regards

Val Edwards