From this year there will be a change in Officials at all Internal shows. As planned I am reducing my working hours from 2018 onwards.  I will still be responsible for all administration and financial matters for the Association and will still be in charge of the running of External Shows. However, I will no longer be in charge of running the Internal Shows.


That responsibility is now in the capable hands of Jodie Frost and Morag Riva. Both Jodie and Morag are passionate about improving the quality of our Internal Shows and are highly committed to the Association and I ask that you give them the same help that you have always given me.


This does not mean that you will not see me at Internal Shows. I will be attending the Spring Championships and UK Masters to assist with the transfer of responsibility to Jodie and Morag and I will also attend other Internal shows but in a role as a volunteer not as a paid member of staff.