Unfortunately, following negative feedback after both the Northern Challenge & Future Stars can I please ask you to remind commentators and Judges that the only elimination they can bring to the attention of the referee is when the hat band is on the wrong rider (Rule AO5.2).

The judge and/or commentator cannot call an elimination, regardless of how blatant it may appear if it has not been seen by an Assistant Referee or Referee.  Additionally, they should not attempt to overrule an infringement called by an Assistant Referee, only the Referee can make the decision based on what the Assistant Referee has reported to him/her and with the use of video playback if available. It should be the referee who checks the video.

Commentators should also endeavour not to highlight a mistake which could possibly influence an official and I would request that they refrain from negative comments regarding starts etc.  We have a number of new referees who need our encouragement to gain experience and negative comments from commentators are not helpful.

I’m happy for the Judge(s) to alert the referee when infringements are being missed and the Referee can then ask the commentator to remind the Assistant Referees to be vigilant.

Davy Quinn
Chief Referee

Our volunteers working in the box are also asked not to make rude/negative comments about riders.  We have had several complaints from volunteers working in the box, especially where young children are involved.  These people have found it very upsetting and one or two of them are no longer willing to help out in the box, which is a great pity.