December 2017


Dear Members,

As 2017 ends, we have just completed another busy MGA season and our membership is at its highest ever level.

I want to start by saying a HUGE thank you to everyone who, in any way, has helped towards the smooth running of our shows and events during 2017. To run our shows is impossible without a huge number of volunteers – referees, commentators, scorers, judges, writers, people to sort out rosettes and prizes, people to mark out and set up arenas- the list is endless.

To all of you who have helped and volunteered during 2017 – our very grateful thanks. Running 3 rings at many of our shows has been a big challenge!

To those if you who haven’t ‘had a go’ yet – PLEASE come and learn. It helps hugely with the running of the show and can be a lot of fun!!!!  We need YOU!!!!

We want full support from all members in 2018. Following Riders meetings held in 2017, the Committee have taken on board some of the comments and ideas that were expressed and have used many of these as a basis for the restructuring of the involvement of Head Office and the delivery of Internal Shows. I have, for the past 2 years, expressed a wish to reduce my workload and I will no longer be responsible for the on- site running of the Head Office shows. I will continue to be responsible for all administration and financial affairs and for the external show displays and I will be at some of the internal shows but as a commentator only!

We are delighted to welcome Jodie Frost and Morag Riva to the MGAGB team. They will be taking on the job share role of Internal Show Manager at all the Internal Shows and we wish them well in this new venture.

We have asked Jodie and Morag to write a little about themselves to introduce them to the members.  This will be available shortly.

Please find below details re the 2018 MGA season.


At the General Committee meeting on 22nd October it was decided that membership fees for 2018 will remain unchanged. This decision has been taken to support members. With current inflation running at 3% we understand that we are all subject to financial pressures.

Membership renewal forms are available to download from the website – https://mgagb.co.uk/membership/membership-renewals/. Please return forms and remittance to Rosie at TIVERTON and NOT to BuxtonPLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP BEFORE YOU RIDE IN YOUR FIRST COMPETITION FROM JANUARY ONWARDS (this includes any friendly competitions being held).

N.B. Any family siblings 16 and over on 1st January 2017 who attend MGA events must join as non-riding members.

Please ensure that any friends or relatives who attend MGA events on a regular basis join as members as it is unfair to those who pay their subscriptions and entry fees for others to enjoy the facilities provided at shows free of charge.

Please note that anyone who goes into the arena at any MGA show is not covered by MGA third party insurance unless they are a member.


 An administration fee of £20 will be charged if renewal memberships have not been received at Tiverton by 31st March in any year. The General Committee feel strongly that ALL persons who attend MGA shows should be fully paid up members and that membership subscriptions should be paid before the start of the playing season.

If renewal memberships have not been received by 31st March 2018 then a £20 administration fee will be imposed.   Please ensure that when posting your renewal or renewing online that it will reach the office by 31st March.

N.B. 2018 Membership Rules & Handbooks will be posted on the website shortly after the AGM.


 Temporary memberships are accepted for people who will only attend one team show per season. Anyone planning to be at more than one show MUST join as a full member.

Temporary membership costs are as follows: Temporary riding membership £10, Temporary non-riding membership £5.  Temporary membership forms can be downloaded from the website – https://mgagb.co.uk/membership/temporary-membership/.

Temporary memberships are accepted subject to the following:-

 “Whilst it is recognised that the Association will entertain temporary members by payment of a fee, the member introducing them to the Association must be responsible for their behaviour whilst at MGA events and will be subject to the Disciplinary Code of Conduct of the Association.”

There have also been several occasions this season when riders have ridden for a county as temporary members on the declaration form but did not actually pay the temporary membership fee. This was discussed by the General Committee at their meeting on 14th December 2013 and the following ruling applies: –

If it is found that a rider has ridden for a county and that rider does not pay their temporary membership subscription, then the fee for the temporary membership becomes the responsibility of the county that the rider rode for.


When you renew your membership, you will automatically be registered with the team that you rode for during the 2017 season.  If you wish to transfer to another team for 2018 you MUST either complete a Transfer Form or ask your current county representative to email Rosie Thornton confirming that they agree to the transfer.  Details are available from the website – https://mgagb.co.uk/membership/transfers/.  .

Please note that free transfers are only permitted up to and including 30th April 2018.

From 1st May to 31st December the rider may transfer once incurring a fee of £50 – payable by the rider if it is their choice to transfer or payable by the county if the transfer is being implemented through no fault of the rider.  If the County Rep does not agree that rider must stay with the county, if then there is no place available up to inter counties the transfer fee payable by the outgoing county rep is £100.  If the fee is not paid no teams from that county can compete at Inter Counties.

Confirmation of receipt of transfer forms will be sent to the member concerned and both County Representatives.

For Inter Counties 2018 any teams who are directly affected by riders competing at the World Team Championships, will be allowed borrowed riders if they obtain written consent from both county representatives for the teams. As with all other league competitions, a 5 point penalty for each borrowed rider will be applied to the team’s league score.


 A list of dates booked so far for the 2018 season is enclosed for those receiving this letter by post.  For those members receiving the letter by email, the 2018 dates list is available on the website- https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=87209DA874DBCF17!334&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AFNa75CB4NOCw-g

The British Pairs entry form is now on the website – https://mgagb.co.uk/events/british-pairs/


There is a Members area on the website. However, this can only be accessed by paid up members of MGAGB, who should create an account on the website.  Members are also able to place classified advertisements on the website free of charge, but must login to the website first.


  • Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of MGA (GB) Ltd. will take place on at 11.00 a.m. at Farmers Fayre, Stoneleigh Park on Sunday 25th February 2018.


We like to send out information to our members by means of email to save money on postage and to improve efficiency. If you have email available, please let Rosie know your email address at rosie@mgagb.co.uk. Please also let Rosie know if you change your email address.


The Tiverton office will close on Monday 18th December. The Buxton office will close on Wednesday 20 December.

Both offices will reopen on Wednesday 3rd January 2017.

Rosie and I send you all our very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Worth

Executive Officer MGA (GB) Ltd