I am delighted to be appointed as one of the new internal show managers and hope that I can fulfil a valuable role for our association.  I am a passionate believer in things being run correctly and fairly, with everyone receiving the same treatment and being given the same information. I also believe that the members should be able to have the same level of expectation from each show they attend, regardless of venue, and hopefully I will be able to help facilitate this.

I have been involved with MGA since 2000 and have 3 children. All 3 have competed at international level, as well as being involved county riders and I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world with them to compete in some wonderful places.  This also means that I have met a lot of lovely people, many will be lifelong friends and my extended MGA family means a great deal to all of us. I am also closely involved in MGA Scotland, having been treasurer and committee member for several years and I was delighted to be involved in Scotland’s first league competition in 2017, which seems to have been well received by all.

When I have to reluctantly tear myself away from MGA, I work as a pharmacy technician at  my local hospital, where I am always looking for opportunities to do further studying and further my education.  I love to learn and develop my skills and abilities and I hope that this trait will also allow me to expand and develop my new role within MGA.

I have been lucky enough over the years, more years than any of us want to remember, I’m sure,  to help Mary and Rosie with a few duties at shows and it has given me a lot of insight into the sheer amount of hard work that is involved in running each and every competition.  Working more closely with them and the lovely Jodie will be an absolute pleasure and, hopefully, will allow my input to make everyone’s life a little easier.