I come to the role aiming to bring a fresh sense of excitement to the association. I passionately believe in creating well organised and enjoyable weekends for all ages. There has been many positive changes made from Charlotte’s previous hard work and I wish to build upon this foundation. I have many ideas of how to progress the association and have ambition to do this by listening to all of its members, however it is unlikely many of you can talk more than I can!

I qualified as a Doctor in 2010 and after training as a surgeon I have moved to working for the government in a role that allows me the flexibility and time to put my efforts in to MGAGB events. I plan to put the same determined attitude in to creating magical weekends as I did to get through medical school!

My family supported me and my siblings so I could grow up riding in MGA as a child and after some time away had returned to ride again as a slightly more grown up and less competitive member. This will allow me to understand the wants and needs of the riders themselves.

I have been involved in the running of Oakley Hunt West Pony Club camp for a number of years and was previously elected as President and Social Secretary of my University Student Society, organising successful events for thousands of people. This together with my experience gained from volunteering to run arenas at many of last seasons shows will hopefully lead to an exciting future for MGAGB events. With the help and advice from Mary, Rosie, Morag and the committee, I look forward to bringing you all the best shows we can offer.

I leave you with my motto for the future events:

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” – Vince Lombardi