The situation regarding Inter Counties for 2018 has finally been resolved!

Problems for 2018 were two-fold. Firstly, Belgium have booked the date of the World Team Championships for 2018 to include 2 days of our August Bank holiday weekend – the traditional date for Inter Counties. The General Committee considered this and decided that, though it would affect many riders, most of our members would be unaffected and so resolved to keep the original dates.

We also had 2 meetings with Grandstand Media who run Stoneleigh. They had 2 major issues following the 2017 Championships. These were the number of ponies escaping from their corrals and, sadly, the drunken behaviour of some of our members on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

We assured Stoneleigh that both problems would be taken on board and rectified. However, in early December, an email was received saying that, for 2018, all ponies would have to be stabled. The cost for stables would be £80 each + VAT. This would put an extra charge on each member of £96.00. The General Committee made the decision to cancel the booking for Stoneleigh as they have broken the contract that we have with them by imposing the need for stabling of each pony competing.

The General Committee revisited the dates for Inter Counties at our meeting on Sunday 28th January. Most of the weekends during the season have already been booked and to find a new, available venue at this stage would be virtually impossible despite various suggestions from members on Facebook.

I have contacted Newark and they have availability on Monday 30th July. We already have July 28th & 29th booked for the John Scott Championships there. The decision is that Inter Counties will now take place at Newark on 28th, 29th & 30th July.

The John Scott Championships and Under 17 & Open Home Internationals will take place over the August Bank Holiday Weekend – 25th & 26th August at a venue to be advised shortly.

We hope that this will provide a solution to the problem and that it will suit the majority of our riders especially those who will be attending the World Team Championships!


Mary Worth

Chief Executive Officer, MGAGB Ltd