Horse Exports and Travel 2021

Following the changes that come with Brexit, we wanted to let you know exactly how exports to the EU are changing from the beginning of 2021.

All horses travelling abroad to the EU will need an EIA blood test (Equine infectious Anaemia).

For temporary exports (horses leaving the country for less than 90 days) competing with an international sporting body, this test needs to happen within 90 days of travel. These horses will also need to have been resident in the UK for 40 days prior to travel on a holding under veterinary supervision.

The supervising vet does not need to be an Official Veterinarian but the OV must be able to confirm that you’ve met these requirements prior to travel.

For permanent exports (horses moving abroad / leaving the country for more than 90 days) this blood test needs to happen within 30 days of travel. These horses need to have been resident on a UK holding under veterinary supervision for 90 days prior to travel.

All stallions (uncastrated males older than 180 days) will also need an EVA blood test (Equine Viral Arteritis). This needs to be completed within 21 days of travel unless the stallion is routinely vaccinated against EVA.

If you are intending to compete abroad, please keep in mind that these tests need to be completed within good time to allow for the test results to be sent by your Vets to the laboratory. The EIA tests usually take 7 working days from receipt of sample for results to be returned to the Vets. The EVA tests usually take 12 working days from receipt of sample to be returned but please book these appointments as soon as possible to account for any laboratory delays.

As always, an Official Veterinarian will need to examine the horses within 48 hours of travel to ensure they are fit to travel and to sign off the Export Health Certificate.

For more information, please head over to the APHA