We have a new, IMGA approved, game for 2017 – Hoopla


Equipment and Placing

1 small cone in line with the first row of bending poles and 4 rubber quoits on the 2 metre mark at the changeover end laid flat on the ground and not touching each other, offset between the bending pole lines.

How the Game is Played

Rider 1 starts with a quoit. Rider 1 rides to the cone, places the quoit on the cone, rides towards the changeover end, picks up a quoit and rides to hand it over to Rider 2. Riders 2 and 3 repeat the actions of Rider 1. Rider 4 repeats the actions of the other riders, except that the final quoit is placed on the cone before crossing the Start/Finish line.

If a quoit is knocked over the changeover line into the playing area, then the rider collecting it must cross the changeover line either before or after collecting the quoit. Quoits must be placed over the cone so that the top of the cone is visible above the quoit.


This game will be played at a number of shows throughout the 2017 season – so get practising!

Quoits can be purchased from any major MGAGB equipment stockists such as PG Sports UK, Sportsmark, ponymateriels, and others