We are looking for a volunteer to fulfil the above new role.
This role will involve:
• Giving advice on the welfare of all horses competing in MGAGB.  
• Advising members on issues such as ill-fitting tack and tack that IS or is NOT permitted.
• Giving advice regarding keeping ponies in good condition, as appropriate for competing in our particular sport.
• Advising owners where necessary, and when requested, on managing minor injuries during competition.  
• Advising riders and referees of any misuse of the ponies such as ‘yanking’ and striking the pony with an object to ‘punish’ the pony.
• Ensuring that all members are adhering to the Association’s, Horse and Pony Welfare policy – https://mgagb.co.uk/rules/the-welfare-of-ponies-and-horses-at-mgagb-events/
This role is purely an advisory role and the candidate should demonstrate appropriate communication skills and manage this role in a sensitive and helpful way to owners.
The candidate would be able to flag up any serious concerns to officials (Referee/Organiser/Ground Jury) and then this would be dealt with appropriately.
This role would suit someone who has some background or training in veterinary/physiotherapy or animal welfare.  
If you are interested in this role please apply to Sophie Morris, Safeguarding Officer, by 27th March – sophiemorris8@hotmail.com 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sophie.