Newton St Boswells

Newtown St Boswells is a village in the historic county of Roxburghshire which serves as the administrative centre of the Scottish Borders council area. Lying on the Bowden Burn, Newtown St Boswells is situated between the larger settlements of St Boswells to the south-east and Melrose to the north-west.
Newtown St Boswells is an old settlement, well-established by the 16th century. The town has been known at various times as Newtoune, Newtown of Eildon, Neuton and Newtown of Dryburgh. It lies split between the civil parishes of Melrose and St Boswells.
Historically, Newtown St Boswells was a centre for milling grain, with watermills on its burns). It became a regional centre of communication and an exporter of livestock after the opening of its railway station. This importance has declined since the closure of the station in 1969.



Set in the Scottish Borders

Beneath the picturesque Eildon Hills

Nearest town Galashiels

Nearest village St Boswells

Glasgow 82 miles

Edinburgh 27 miles












Site Access 

The site is access by passing under an ‘off road’ bridge

Height of bridge is 14 foot 2 inches/4.32 Metres

Trailers can, by arrangement, be left in the adjoining cattle market area