Members range from 4 to 40+. There is no upper age limit for doing the games. Competitions for teams, pairs and individuals are arranged across Great Britain from March to October in four age groups. The age groups are Future Stars who are under 12 years of age, Under 15’s, Juniors who are under 18 years of age and Open who are any age over 12 years. All the ages are taken as at 1st January.  In the Future Stars age group riders must be 4 years old or over on the date of the competition.

Membership forms can be downloaded from this website. Any pony is suitable for doing the games on. Ponies must be 15hh or under and must be able to stop on a sixpence, be quick off the start and respond quickly to the aids of the rider. No whips or spurs are allowed when performing the games.

There are a variety of games ranging from pure speed races to accuracy races but all games have one thing in common – you make a mistake you must correct it before you can continue. This often involves getting off the pony. One of the main skills of mounted games is the speed at which you can get back onto the pony after getting off. This is known a vaulting and the ability to vault quickly onto the pony is vital in many of the games.

As in other sports, international mounted games competitions are held every year. The European Championships are organised for teams in 4 age groups Minis, Under 14, Under 17 and Open whereas the World Team Championships are just held for the Under 17 and Open teams.

The best way for any rider to get involved is to join a county team. However, if you don’t know someone who is already in the sport it is sometimes hard to know who to call. We all had to begin somewhere! Often teams with vacancies will advertise on our website. The list of County Representatives is also on the website and you can contact your local county team that way. Alternatively contact the Secretary or Executive Officer all of whom will do their best to find you a team and a trainer to help you to progress.