The Mounted Games Association of Great Britain hold the most exciting and exhilarating competitions on horseback! Our Sport involves riders racing against each other demonstrating Speed, Accuracy and Horsemanship. Races are a mix of turns, intricate hand overs, equipment collections and placements, vaulting on and off the horses – and of course – all at a gallop!

As well as our internal competition structure for our 2000+ members, we also perform display competitions at public events across the country at County Shows. This year, amongst others, we are displaying at Chatsworth County Show, The Royal Welsh and the prestigious Countryfile Live event at Blenheim Palace in August.

Our displays are extremely professional, we provide top teams to demonstrate our sport – and create a thrilling atmosphere around the ring! Members of the audience are invited to support their local team as points are awarded for each game, giving a competitive edge to the entertainment.

Our races are approximately 3 minutes each – which means we can fill arena slots from 30minutes upwards – and enables us easily adjust the time we are in the ring if required to. We complete a series of crowd pleasing races, with teams competing against each other, accompanied by our excellent commentary and music in the background.

Our displays fill the ring – meaning everyone around feels part of the action. We provide all our own equipment and equipment staff, commentator etc meaning minimal requirement from the show organisers.

2021 Dates


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Countryfile Live 2016 - Jess Hindle on Spirit - Team England

Countryfile Live 2016 - Featured Rider - Lauren Day