In 2018 the U17 and Open World Team Championships will be held on the August Bank Holiday weekend, which is the same weekend as the British Championships, Intercounties. This has of course been a problem which the General Committee have had to consider carefully. The opinion of the MGAGB membership has been taken. At the December MGAGB General Committee Meeting, it was finally agreed after a long debate, that Intercounties will go ahead on the August Bank Holiday weekend as planned.

As a consequence, there will be Open and Under 17 teams missing riders for Intercounties where riders have been selected to represent their country. Historically teams have not been allowed to field borrowed riders at Intercounties therefore an exception to this rule will be allowed for 2018 only.

Any teams who are directly affected by riders competing at the World Team Championships, will be allowed borrowed riders if they obtain written consent from both county representatives for the teams. As with all other league competitions, a 5 point penalty for each borrowed rider will be applied to the team’s league score.

Riders affected should contact Rosie for further advice.

Intercounties also potentially clashes with the World Individuals for the U12 and U14 age groups. In order to facilitate riders from these age categories competing at World Individuals, the Association will endeavour to run finals for these groups as early as possible during the Intercounties weekend. At the moment we do not know the number of teams so we cannot make any firm promises but we will try our best.

In 2018 Intercounties will also be the final league competition of the season and to recognise the achievement of the highest placed league teams, an awards ceremony will be held on finals day at Intercounties.

There will also be one change to the league scoring system in 2018. All teams will receive an additional 25 points for attending a league competition. This will encourage greater participation for all league shows. For example if there are 50 teams, then the championship winners will receive 75 league points and the lowest placed team will receive 26 points.

It has also been agreed that the Open scoring system to be adopted for all age groups, as this system is viewed to be significantly fairer than the previous system.

We hope these decisions will meet with the approval of members. We are aware that date clashes are an ongoing and growing problem for riders but we have tried to account of the views of the majority.