We have received the following message from P&O Ferries.  For our account number please go to the members area.

Last week, a large number of your members travelled with us, however 7 of the groups travelling were delayed returning as they did not have any lashing points on their vehicles. The customers were annoyed that they were able to travel out with us from Dover to Calais, however were held up travelling back from Calais to Dover.
To avoid this happening again over the coming weeks,  I have attached the rules regarding the shipment of horses on this route, and even though we can accommodate horseboxes with no lashing points, the decision is made by the master of the ship, at the time of travel and horseboxes with no lashing points could be refused.
We would ask you to distribute the attached information to members using our services, and again remind you that we are only able to accommodate a specific number of horse boxes per sailing and ask the members to stagger their arrival times and to be aware that children are not allowed in the freight drivers lounge during the crossing.
Please note that in bad weather conditions we can suspend the shipment of horses and again this decision lies with the master of the ship.
You can view our latest freight travel updates on twitter
We would like to thank the members of the MGA-GB group for their continued support and if you have any questions, or if any of the above is unclear, please feel free to contact me directly on the details below.