Following a site inspection at Leicester County Showground this morning (11/04/18), the rearranged Spring Championships have been cancelled on health and safety grounds. The site was in good condition last week when it was inspected and rearrangements were made.  However, days of torrential rain in the past 2 days, have now made the ground very wet and the showground authorities have cancelled the event. We can only apologise for this but the one thing we have no control over is the weather!



Obviously, this is a very difficult situation for the Association. I have to say that, never in 25 years, have we had to cancel twice because of the bad weather. We understand how disappointing this is for everyone concerned and how many people have changed their  arrangements in order to attend the new show  only to find that they will now have to cancel their plans. As you can imagine, a huge amount of work went into rearranging the show and all that work has now been lost. Jodie has made huge efforts to ensure that the show was a success aided by myself and Rosie. Its very disappointing for everyone.


With regard to monies paid, it would greatly help Rosie and I with the administration if those teams planning to go to UK Masters can leave their money with us so that we don’t have to go through the process of refunding all teams and then collecting entry fees again for UK Masters.  However, if your team is not attending UK Masters then, of course, full refunds will be available.


Once again, I am so very sorry to have to be writing this. I look forward to seeing you soon when the weather relents!!


Mary Worth