The MGAGB General Committee have confirmed the following Under 12 Age Group changes will be implemented for the 2017 season.

  • The U12 age group will be renamed the “Future Stars”.
  • The Future Stars will consist of 2 divisions – to be called the ‘Under 12’s’ and ‘Mini’
  • As it was in 2016 and before, Future Stars results from designated ‘Point Shows’ will be accumulated to form the Overall League position, the Winners of which will be presented at End of Season.
  • The Under 12 Division will play all games in the rule book throughout the season. Teams may not receive any outside assistance.
  • The Mini Division will play some, but not all rule book games i.e. no Joust, Balloon, throughout the season. Teams may not receive any outside assistance. Ponies in this division MAY USE DAISY REINS. It is advised that these are accompanied by a crupper. Grass Reins are not permitted.
  • Teams can decide which division to enter for the Spring Championships.
  • At following ‘Points Shows’ a split will be made to form the U12 and Minis Divisions. This split will be made on the Overall League positions, with always at least two heats in U12 division.
  • After each ‘Points Show’ the top 3 teams from the Mini division will be invited to move up to the Under 12 Division for the next League Show. This is their choice.
  • At Non-Point shows, teams will still ride in two Divisions, on the result of the last Points Show.
  • If a team misses a Points Show they receive Zero points for the League.
  • The whistle will be blown when there is only one remaining rider in the field of play for all Future Stars.
  • All riders in the Future Stars will ride twice a day and pay the same entry fee.
  • There will be a minimum age limit of 4 years old to ride – Age will be determined on date of competition.

Mini Minis

Mini Minis will not be organised by the main Event Organisers but a fun ‘give it a go’ practise type event, aimed at lead rein riders.

A Mini Mini category will be available at some events throughout the 2017 season. It is expected that there will be a Mini Mini category at all the Future Stars League Shows, others are T.B.C. Confirmation and time allowed etc per event will be published as soon as possible before the event takes place, after deposit closing date for the other Age Groups.

Mini Minis will have full use of the Future Stars Ring, First Aid Cover, Equipment and PA System during allotted times throughout the event. They must vacate the ring by the time specified.

  • All riders must be at least 4 yrs of age on the date of competition and not exceeding their 12th birthday.
  • All riders must be MGAGB riding members
  • All riders must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • All riders will be charged a nominal fee of £15 for first aid cover and facility use for the weekend.
  • All riders must book in and enter the event prior to arriving and complete declaration forms for insurance purposes
  • Anyone leading a pony in a ring, under the age of 18yrs, should wear an approved riding hat with the chin strap done up and closed footwear

The Future Stars Points shows will be:

  • Spring Championships – 8th & 9th April
  • UK Masters – 27th, 28th & 29th May
  • Southern Championships – 24th & 25th June
  • Future Stars – 17th & 18th June
  • Inter Counties – 26th to 28th August
  • End of Season – 30th September & 1st October