In 2018 Intercounties will  be the final league competition of the season and to recognise the achievement of the highest placed league teams, an awards ceremony will be held on finals day at Intercounties.

There will also be one change to the league scoring system in 2018. All teams will receive an additional 25 points for attending a league competition. This will encourage greater participation for all league shows. For example if there are 50 teams, then the championship winners will receive 75 league points and the lowest placed team will receive 26 points.

It has also been agreed that the Open scoring system to be adopted for all age groups, as this system is viewed to be significantly fairer than the previous system.

The Under 12 age group will be amalgamated so that all riders ride together and are not split into Minis and Under 12s.

To see all the details with regard to the leagues please see the 2017 rules below.  Please note that the two league system of Premiership and Championship applies ONLY to the Open age group.


A summary of the Open League 2017 can be downloaded from:

2017 League Summary

Full information with regard to the Open League 2017 can be downloaded from:
2017 Open League Final

1.0       Executive Summary
The following outlines the proposed Open League system of the Mounted Games Association of Great Britain for the 2017 season. The League proposals for 2017 will be subject to an ongoing review, with changes possible and indeed likely, for 2018 and beyond.

2.0       Summary of Changes from 2016 System

2.1       Split of Premiership / Championship

There will be three heats of teams in the Premiership, with the remainder in the Championship.

2.2       Which Competitions

The following Competitions will be subject to League rules:

  • Spring Championships (8th-9th of April)
  • UK Masters (27th-29th of May)
  • Southern Championships (24th-25th June)
  • Scottish Championships (15th-16th July)
  • Intercounties (26th-28th August)
  • Welsh Championships (9th-10th September)
  • Northern Ireland Championships (23rd-24th September)

N.B. For the 2017 season each GB region was initially given a League Show to hold. This was then amended as requested by Members of the Association.

2.3       Missing a League Competition & Promotion / Relegation

Teams who choose to miss a League Competition will score zero points for that Competition. This applies to all teams including ones from Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Positions in the Premiership will be given to the highest scoring teams, plus any teams who are promoted from the previous League Competition.

Automatic promotion will be available for the top three teams from the Championship for League Competitions after the Spring Championships, except for qualification for Intercounties, which, as per 2016, will be by Overall League position only. Promotion is not passed on to the next highest placed team if one of the promoted teams does not attend.

There will be no relegation from the Premiership, however it is likely that teams who finish at the bottom of the Premiership C final will be relegated because of their Overall League position.

With this system in place if the ring is wide enough to run 8 lanes, then the Premiership will be made of 24 teams.

2.3       Overall League Position

For 2017 it is proposed that all 7 League Competitions, including Intercounties, count towards the Overall League position. The League winners will be the highest scoring teams from all these Shows. The 2017 League Championship will be awarded at End of Season Show.

2.4       Borrowed / Guest Riders

All teams who use a borrowed / guest rider for a League Competition will have 5 points per borrowed/guest rider deducted from their League score after the event.

2.5       Penalties for Missing Arena Party / Assistant Refereeing

The penalties for missing Assistant Refereeing are as per the 2016 system, and will be strictly applied.

To confirm – Teams who miss Refereeing a heat lose 5 points from their score for that session and therefore from their Overall points to get them into the final for that Competition.

Teams who miss Refereeing the final lose 5 points from their League score ONLY, i.e. they do not start their final on minus 5 points.


3.0       The League System Explained

3.1       Starting the League System

The League system will come into place at the first League Show of the 2017 season i.e  at the Spring Championships. As per 2016, all teams will compete against each other and the result of this Competition will begin the two-part League system that will carry on throughout the rest of the season (see section 2.2 for selected Shows).

The number of teams in each League will be different to the 2016 League. There will be 3 heats in the Premiership with the remainder in the Championship. The rationale behind this is that it is more likely to be balanced in both sections of the League and will improve the Competition standard in the Championship, particularly where entries are low.

3.2       How will the League System be Scored?

The League system is scored in the same way a race is scored i.e whoever comes first overall receives the same amount of points as there are teams at the event. Thus, the winner of the Premiership League A Final would receive the same amount of points as there are teams, e.g. 40 teams at a Competition means 40 points to the winner. Allocation of League points then counts down in order all the way to the bottom final in the Championship. This scoring system applies to all League Shows, including Intercounties.


4.0       League Details

4.1       Promotions

At the second League Competition teams who finish in the top three positions of the Championship will gain automatic Promotion to the Premiership for the next League Competition.

In the event that the third placed team in the Championship A Final is tied on points with another team(s) there must be a run off to decide who the fourth placed team is. If one of the top three teams decides not to compete at the next League Competition, then this place is not passed to the fourth placed team. Furthermore, guest riders do not affect promotion of teams (more in section 4.2 below).

There will be no ‘Relegation’ from the Premiership; the remaining places are decided by Overall League position at that point in time. i.e. In a 7 lane ring the top 18 Overall League position teams will ride in the Premiership, with the last three places being taken by the top three teams from the previous Championship A Final. Remaining teams will ride in the Championship. This format continues throughout the season, with the exception of Intercounties.

Intercounties will be segregated with the top 24 scoring teams from the Overall League, after Scottish Championships, competing in the Premier League. Intercounties will be scored as a League Show, as opposed to 2016, with teams qualifying for promotion for the next League Event.

Teams who are promoted at Scottish Championships will run in the Premiership at Welsh Championships.

4.2       Guest/Borrowed Riders

Each and every borrowed/guest rider will result in a 5 point deduction from the team’s League points for that Competition. For example, if a team used two borrowed riders and scored 30 points for a League Competition, then their points for the Show will be reduced to 20.

If a team is found to use a borrowed/guest rider but has failed to notify the Show Organiser before the event briefing that they are doing so, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

4.3       Missing League Shows

If a team misses a League Show they will score no points for that Competition. There are no exceptions for any team that misses a Show. The 2017 system, however means that missing a League Show does not guarantee relegation.

When teams miss a League Show it is the next highest Overall League scorers that take up their place.

If a team does not enter Spring Championships, they must start off in the Championship League at the first Show they compete at


5.0       Running of League Competition

5.1       Lanes

The new promotion/relegation system of 2017 means that the number of lanes used for a League Show can vary from Show to Show. It is recommended to be 7 minimum and 8 maximum.

League Shows must have the capacity to host as many Open teams that wish to enter, and are therefore advised to be able to hold three rings.

5.2         Formatting

There are no formal restrictions on how a League Show should be run, however if it is going to deviate from the traditional x3 Heats & x1 Final then this must be pre-agreed by the MGAGB General Committee.

Commentators should be aware of the Overall League Points going into the League Show and should know if they are commentating on finals which involve promotion.

5.3       Teams Pulling Out

If a team pulls out of a League Competition mid-event due to medical or veterinary reasons/exceptional circumstances, they receive the minimum amount of League points available in that League at that Show.

5.4       League Points Penalties

Teams who do not provide Assistant Referees or Arena Party for a heat will be deducted 5 points from their heats score for that Competition. Teams that do not provide an Assistant Referee or Arena Party for a final will be deducted 5 League points. However, they will not start the final on -5.

5.5       Run Offs

All run offs must take place so that the order of points in the League is correct. If both teams do not wish to do the run off then the points can be split and each team will have a half point. If one team wishes to forfeit the run off they take the lower points and the other team take the higher points. It must be noted down how it is decided to make sure the points are valid.

5.6       Clashing Events

A League Competition should not be run as a League Show if it takes place during other key Competitions that would involve losing a large number of riders.These include:

– MGAGB Open Home Internationals

– IMGA Open European Championships (Team or individual)

– IMGA Open World Championships (Team, Individual or Pairs)

(N.B. – In 2017 There is a clash between World Team Championships and a League Show. This was in place prior to these rules being agreed and will remain for 2017 but this will be addressed for future years.) 


6.0       Rewards of the League

6.1       Intercounties

As a reward to the top League teams going into Intercounties the top three teams will be seeded into their first heats and will therefore not face each other in their first heats. However, there is no seeding for the rest of the teams and after the first heat the rest will be subject to a random draw as usual.

6.2       Prizes of the League

Overall League winners receive the League Trophy and prizes. These are reviewed annually. Presentations will take place at the End of Season Show.

Due to the Championship teams changing constantly throughout the season, the winner of the Championship League will be the winner of the Championship A Final at Intercounties. They will receive the Trophy for the Championship here.