Height and Weight Statement 2017

In 2017 MGAGB will be using the Official IMGA Height & Weight Graphs as a guideline aim for its members at all Internal Competitions. Riders should aim to meet these guidelines in 2017, they will be enforced fully in 2018.

At Externals and Home International Events in 2017 the IMGA Graphs will be enforced.

At IMGA Events in 2017 the IMGA Graphs will be enforced.

Any riders who are suspected of being over-height or over-weight for their mount may be asked by an official to be checked. This will involve the rider being weighed, in their kit, and their pony being measured. This will be done in a private and confidential location set by the Event Manager and Safeguarding Officer. All measurements are strictly confidential and will not be seen by any other person, other than those present at the time.

Riders under the age of 18 on 1st January 2017 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Riders 18+ on 1st January 2017 may request to have another person present.

At Internal Events the pony’s height plus rider’s height and weight will be documented on the IMGA Graphs and copies given to the rider for their reference. There will be no comment made on whether a reported rider or pony fall into certain categories laid out by the IMGA Graphs i.e. Experienced, Strong etc. At Externals & Home Internationals this decision is down to the Chief Referee.

Only Assistant Referees, Referees or Show Organisers can report a suspected over-height or over-weight rider. Concerns should be reported discreetly, and fully confidentially, to the Event Manager or Safeguarding Officer. They will approach the rider in question at a time, and in a way, they see fit. Under no circumstances are any reports to be made public knowledge, or announced over the PA systems.

Riders may wish to put themselves forward to be checked for their own reference. In this instance they should contact the Event Manager directly at an event.

Rule GR2.2: The size, weight and experience of a rider must correspond to the size, build and experience of the pony. If the referee deems a rider to be overweight or unsafe, that rider will be eliminated from the competition.

This rule requires that a rider must be matched to a pony in terms of size, weight, and experience, but it does not specifically define the match in terms of inches/cms, pounds/kilos, or levels of experience.

Peter Dale, an international Mounted Games referee, and veterinary surgeon, has prepared graphs to help with the practical interpretation and implementation of this rule. These graphs are adopted by IMGA and MGAGB. Reference to these graphs will make it easy for referees and other officials, trainers, and riders, to interpret the height/weight restrictions required by rule GR2.2 in a uniform way.

How to use the graphs

The graphs show, in both Imperial and metric units, the minimum size of pony allowed for any combination of rider’s size, rider’s weight, rider’s level of experience, and pony build.

Check the rider’s height and weight, then refer to the following:

*Note you need to refer to the 2017 graphs

*Note for IMGA competitions in 2017 all riders are classed as experienced and all ponies as Medium

On each of the graphs there are different lines depending on the level of experience of the rider in Mounted Games, and the general build of the pony concerned. Select the appropriate line and read of the allowed minimum pony height.

In most cases there will be no doubt as the pony will be well above the minimum height, or well below it, even when differences of experience and build are considered. In these cases the referee’s decision should be straightforward.

But when there are borderline cases, such as when the pony concerned is considered too small for an inexperienced rider, but would be acceptable for an experienced rider, or when there is disagreement over whether the pony is “slight” or “medium”, then the final decision is always left to the referee, in consultation with a vet if necessary.

Any foreseen issues concerning weight and height should be sent, in advance of the competition, to the IMGA Cheif Referee along with supporting documentation such as photographs, for their decision.

For the 2017 season IMGA Sanctioned events will be implementing the 2017 graphs. MGAGB events will be supporting the IMGA Weight/Height restriction and provide information for any borderline cases.

It should be understood that the intention of these rules is not to prevent a rider participating in a competition because he/she is half a centimeter too tall or the pony is half a centimeter too small. But based on Pony Welfare.




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