The League Tables have now been updated after the Northern Challenge.

Please note that I provided England North with the open league positions on 31st May (and twice after this) and accept no responsibility for the fact that it was not split into Premiership and Championship.  There was ample time to contact me to find out the information and the league results were also available on the website.

Unfortunately there is no promotion of the top 3 teams in the Championship league in the open due to the league not being split.

Please let Rosie know by Friday at the latest if there are any errors.  The league positions will determine which teams will make up the Premiership League at the Southern Championships – 24 teams, and which teams will be in the Championship League.

Revised on 14.6.18



The open has been amended again.  At the NI Champs Dorset only had two guest riders, but were recorded as having three.

League Results after UK Masters



The open has been amended.  Sussex received the lowest points in the B final, as they had a pony go lame after presenting in the ring and warming up.  They were advised of this, but the information was not passed onto Rosie Thornton who assumed they had withdrawn before the final.