To all members – young and old:

Following a thread of posts on social media this week the General Committee feel it is important for all to know where MGAGB is at the moment regarding referees.

It is compulsory that all IMGA run competitions have qualified referees and the General Committee agreed that for all Championship shows the referees should be ideally be qualified.  As you know we have put on training for both assistant referees and referees this winter.  As a result we now have 17 newly qualified referees.  We also have 60 qualified assistant referees (where previously we had none).

Using referees who have been on the training course gives us better consistency in decisions and in addition the new referees that have undertaken the course need to put their training into practice.  Also remember the new referees are all volunteers so there is no cost to the Association in using them.

MGAGB are working hard to give out information to all members to explain what is happening behind the scenes at the moment regarding finance, workforce and the future – please remember we are all volunteers trying to run day jobs as well as MGAGB – and this will hopefully be in a timely manner so you are all kept well informed.

We all know that there is nobody better than Pete at presentation and delivery of reffing at an external show – he is impeccable – however – at the start of this year – we were looking to make a financial loss for the fourth year running and all purse strings have to tighten – we are a business – like it or not – and every penny spent has to be accounted for.  Discussions will be taking place with Pete, face to face, at the first available opportunity on how to resolve this very sad situation – it was one of many very hard decisions that we – again as volunteers – have had to make this year.