The allocation of teams to External shows for the 2018 season was completed and ratified by the General Committee at their meeting on Sunday 28th January, 2018.



Teams who have been selected to attend external shows are reminded of the following:

  • All team members must be on their best behaviour at all times , not just when competing in the ring, as you will be representing the Association in public
  • All ponies and riders must be turned out to the highest of standards.
  • By entering a team for an external show, you acknowledge that you are prepared to abide by all rules enforced at the show, either by MGAGB or by the Show Organisers.
  • Arena party and crew are prepared to abide by the dress code stipulated by MGAGB in order to present a smart appearance to the General Public.

For this season we also have a list of riders who, whilst their team may not be attending a particular show, would be available to ride in case a guest rider is needed for any team.

Riders may put their names forward for this list.

Please see below some further clarity from the General Committee on the enforcement of the 2018  Weight ruling for MGAGB Home Internationals and Externals.

Weight & Height Restrictions for Externals and Home Internationals 2018

All teams will be required to declare all pony weights & rider weights, dressed to ride including hat & boots, before the competition begins. No subjective decisions will be made on whether or not a rider, or pony, falls into criteria set by IMGA – http://mgagb.co.uk/rules/height-and-weight-restrictions/.  If a rider & pony combination on your team do not meet these criteria they may be eliminated from the competition.

Externals Expectation Reminder

We remind all teams competing at Externals in 2018 that they are the public facing entity of our Sport and therefore expected to put on displays to the best of their ability – demonstrating the speed, agility, and sportsmanship we pride ourselves upon. Therefore, your team members are expected to ride a ‘top level’ competition pony and not use the experience as an outing for any Novices. Any ponies not deemed experienced enough for the event may be asked to leave the arena