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Date(s) - 13/09/2019 - 15/09/2019
All Day

Newark & Notts Showground


Contact: Rosie Thornton – rosie@mgagb.co.uk


 Step 1 – Guarantees places to previous high performers

Previous year’s winners etc. need to be invited to enter before the end of this year.  They need to complete registration and pay a deposit by then to be sure of a place. If they later withdraw they may not transfer their entry to another competitor

  • All previous year’s semi-finalists (2018) qualify for the same age group at WPC the following year (but only if they are still young enough to qualify for that age group)
  • The winners from 2 and 3 years (2017 & 2016) previously qualify for the same age group at WPC the following year (but only if they are still young enough to qualify for that age group
  • The winner of the next age group down from last year qualify for WPC the following year (but only if they are now too old to be eligible for that group again
  • Any pairs who qualify under the above must remain together as the same pair that qualified. If a pair split up, the place is lost

Closing date: 31st December 2018

Step 2 – Gives places to every member country

 This begins on 1st January and runs until 12 weeks before the start of the competition or earlier if Step 2 is completed earlier than scheduled.

We will now know how many places we have left after Step 1. All the countries in IMGA are then contacted to ask how many places they require up to a maximum of 5 per age group.  Member countries will also be asked to provide the name of their selector for Step 3.

Closing date: 21st June – World Pairs

Step 3 – Allows for further places to be allocated by a Selection Committee.

For any remaining places, riders who have not yet been allocated a place are able to apply to the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee is set up with one selector from each member country. How each country decides who will be their selector is entirely up to them, but if any country does not provide a selector, or does so late, then that country is simply not represented on the Selection Committee.

The deadline for the nomination of selectors is 10 weeks before the competition start date, and this is also the deadline for applications from riders.

Selectors can consider applications from riders in their own country on an equal basis as riders from all other countries.

The Selection Committee does not ever meet as a group. Each selector is given copies of all applications and has a week (until 9 weeks before the competition start date) to rank the applicants and notify IMGA. The rankings are then consolidated into a single list and places are offered to the riders according to the overall ranking and the number of available places

Those riders are given a week (until 8 weeks before the competition start date) to accept or decline. Places that are not accepted or for which no response has been received within the deadline are then allocated to the next name(s) on the list.

The process continues until all places available in Step 3 have been accepted and will normally be completed 6 weeks before the competition start date.

Deadline for nomination of selectors:

5th July – World Pairs

Deadline for selectors decision:

12th July – World Pairs

Riders accept or decline places:

19th July – World Pairs

Latest date for full payment of entries before Step 4:

2nd August – World Pairs

Step 4 – Gives any remaining places to host country to allocate

 All remaining unallocated places, plus any that were taken up but subsequently became free again, plus any unsuccessful applications from Step 3, and closed, then any places which become free are passed directly to Step 4 where the host country takes over the allocation of places.

If there are any last- minute changes which occur after a step has been completed and closed

then any places are passed directly to Step 4.

Closing date:

6th September – World Pairs