by Will Robinson
Published: 24th January 2017 (8 months ago)

Beautiful stocky 8yo mare. Western trained.. used to compete about 18 months ago but been ridden English for the past year or so.

Very forward going and loves work.

Done a few games sessions on her but unfortunately haven’t got the time to train her further. I went to try her a few months ago and took all equipment she just did it all straight away. Balanced with foot in each corner, knows how to turn through her previous western training and fine with all equipment. Very well mannered and can do anything with her!

Will be very easy to train, just gutted I haven’t got the time for her I’ve got 3 to get fit 😳. She will make a fantastic games pony! Also very easy to keep.. lives off fresh air 😂

Will also consider leasing 😊


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